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laziza chef platter

La'ziza chef's platter

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laziza kunafeh

la'ziza homemade Kunafeh

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la'ziza lemonade

laziza slushy lemonade with mint

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where Lebanese cuisine reborn

Culinary, Cosmopolitan And Service Are The Main Ingredients To La Ziza Restaurant & Lounge Success Formula. A True Dedication And Insistence On Delivery Of Top Quality Products With Exemplary Service. The Philosophy Operating Behind La Ziza Restaurant & Lounge Property Is As Simple As It Is Daring – That Serious Food And Stunning Spectacle Are Not Mutually Exclusive.

By Paring The Culinary Ingenuity Of World-Class Chefs, Atmospheres Crafted By Internationally Renowned Designers And The Highest Standards Of Service, LAZIZA RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE Mission Is To Create An Unrivaled And Unforgettable Dining Experience For Every Single Customer. It Is This Combination Of Uncompromising Vision And Gourmet Expertise That Has Earned Our Group A Phenomenal Reputation As A Trendsetter At The Vanguard Of Dining In The City Of CLIFTON, NJ.